PADS Committee

We are so thankful to have all these wonderful volunteers on our committee.

President Helen Dibble
Vice President Tamika Waterhouse
Secretary Bernadette Holdsworth
Treasurer Wendy McDonald
Chief Instructor Billie O’Connor
Management committee member Joanne Pearson
Management committee member Candice Walsh
Class Co-ordinator Sandra Smith
Agility Competition Secretary Tamika Waterhouse
Canine Disc Competition Secretary Kristy Doran
Competition Facilitator N/A
Equipment Co-ordinator *VACANT*
Assistant to Treasurer Tamika Waterhouse
Membership Co-ordinator Joanne Pearson
Assistant to Chief Instructor (Rostering) Senga McLellan
SPSA Reps Karinna Sanders & Helen Dibble
Merchandise Cheryl Leahy
Assistant to Merchandise *VACANT*
Publicity Joanne Pearson
Library Co-ordinator Joanne Pearson
Website Co-ordinator(s) Zoe McGrath
Canine Disc Co-Ordinator/PADS CDA Rep Candice Walsh
Saturday morning/Certificates
Jo McCarter
Daytime Agility Group (DAG) Co-Ordinator Coral Ellis
Grounds Maintenance *VACANT*