Training Ground Rules

  1. All our Instructors are volunteers who generously give up their time for our club. They are responsible for the safe, smooth running of classes. Please be respectful and listen to instructors and respond to their requests.
  2. All dogs are to remain on leash during class unless approved by an instructor.
  3. No equipment is to be used unless under instruction, or with permission of, an instructor. To prevent injury, dogs are not permitted to do any agility equipment on lead or while wearing a harness or jacket.
  4. All dogs are to be crated whilst equipment and sets are being built/packed up and while not working in agility and disc classes. Handlers are encouraged to give their dogs regular crate rest breaks – it gives them a safe space to relax which makes training more effective.
  5. If their dog is barking whilst crated a handler is to make a genuine effort to quieten the dog. Barking dogs disturb not only the rest of the club members but the other clubs who utilise the SPSA grounds. Handlers may keep dogs in their car during class if they are more comfortable there.
  6. All faeces are to be picked up and placed in the council bins provided.
  7. No bitches on heat are to be brought onto the grounds.
  8. A dog diagnosed with Canine Cough (and any other dogs living in the household) may not attend club for 21 days from the first onset of symptoms. A committee member needs to be notified as well so that we can make necessary notifications.
  9. A dog diagnosed with Parvovirus (and all dogs living in the same household) needs to have a veterinary clearance before being able to return to club. A committee member needs to be notified as well so that we can make necessary notifications.
  10. Dogs are to be restrained from urinating on agility or obedience equipment, the clubhouse and crates – handlers are to wash the urine from the area.
  11. All handlers are required to help set up and pack away the agility and obedience equipment, which means arriving at club 30 minutes before the start of class and staying back after the conclusion of classes. All handlers are required to sign in and pay training fees (if applicable) before helping with set up.
  12. All members must abide by the “members code of conduct”. View Club Policies here
  13. All handlers must wear suitable footwear (eg sneakers, trail shoes, other closed in shoes. Thongs or sandals are not suitable).
  14. All handlers are responsible for their own dogs and need to be vigilant about their dog’s behaviour, particularly the early warning signs of stress. Please ask your instructors if you need help with this.
  15. Handlers are to keep themselves and their dogs away from crated dogs. Please be respectful that many dogs like their own space and don’t approach a dog on lead without the permission of their handler.
  16. Children must be supervised at all times.
  17. No smoking whilst inside the PADS grounds.
  18. Harsh handling or harsh yelling at dogs will not be tolerated.
  19. No check chains, e-collars, prong collars or other punishing training devices are allowed on the grounds at all.
  20. Remember that Dog Sports are about fun! Enjoy yourself, enjoy your dog and most importantly HAVE FUN!