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Our mission is to create the healthiest natural food that pets were born to eat and thrive on. As a family-owned Australian company, we’ve been making raw, healthy, nutritious pet food since 2000. We're proud to be Australia's leading healthy pet nutrition provider, keeping pets happy and healthy for over 20 years.


We believe that nature knows best and add nothing unnatural or synthetic to our foods. We also believe in minimal processing to preserve the nutrient-rich content of fresh natural ingredients. As well as the Australian human-grade ingredients we use, our processing facility is also top class. In fact, our facility meets the same standards required for human-consumption meat manufacturing.


From our Lawnton, Brisbane factory our team blends together fresh select meats, along with crushed meaty bones, offal, fruits, vegetables and other pet friendly super foods to keep your companion happy and healthy.


Website: www.bigdogpetfoods.com

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