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Introductory class 1st Tues of month

Beginners Agility (booking required)


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6.30pm for 7-8.30pm 6.15pm for 6.30-8.30pm 6.30pm for 7-8.30pm 6.30pm for 7-8.30pm 7.45am for 8-9am

Obedience & Beginner Agility Classes for booking:

Date: Wednesday 5th Feb 2020  7:00 PM - Wednesday 8th Apr 2020  8:30 PM
Location: Brendale
Details: The minimum age for this class is 12 months. For a dog to participate they must have an understanding of obedience skills such as sit, drop and stay, however we will build on these skills during the class. In addition to this your dog needs to be under effective off lead control and stay with handler. A reliable recall is also needed as we will be working off lead in these classes and in an environment with a group of other dogs. The minimum handler age is 10yrs.  Read More...
Date: Saturday 29th Feb 2020  8:00 AM - Saturday 9th May 2020  9:00 AM
Location: Brendale
Details: Our Obedience Course is an 8 week course and runs from 8 to 9am on Saturday mornings. We cover socialisation, sit, drop, stay, walk on lead to name a few. The minimum age for this class is 16 weeks. This class has a group of dogs of all ages ranging from puppies to adult dogs. We will assist in all areas of training however this is not a standard puppy preschool type course. The minimum handler age is 10yrs.  Read More...