Basic Dog Obedience


Purpose of the class:

To promote positive training within the community and to give the handler and their dog a set of skills so that when they have attended the complete course and done the required work at home they will have a well behaved canine citizen.


Dogs must be 16 weeks or older and fully vaccinated and able to work within a class environment without needing 1-1 attention.

Sibling/family dogs may not participate in the same class.

Please make yourself aware of the PADS vaccination policy; see Club Policies prior to attending classes.

When are classes held?

Obedience Classes run on a Saturday morning 8-9am. Classes are run in a 8 week block with bookings essential. View our Classes Calendar to see when upcoming Obedience classes are available and book in.


$80 for the 8 week course.

After registering for a class, if you are not a current financial member you will need to go into the Memberships area and join the club. You will need a current vaccination certificate to upload to complete your membership. You will not be able to attend the class until you have completed membership and been issued with a membership number.