Advanced Dog Agility

Purpose of the class:

This is a group for highly skilled dogs/handlers that will enable you to compete at a higher level if you choose to.


*Must have attended Intermediate classes or similar

* Have solid understanding of ALL obstacles and turns

* Have complete off lead control

* Have a minimum of a SAAD title (with Chief Instructor discretion)

* Handler must have a willingness to learn and master new skills

* That class participants are willing to take “risks” and try new things – this may involve “failing” and making mistakes initially but that is the only way you will learn and improve your handling skills.

* Be assessed by the Chief Instructor

When are classes held?

Senior agility is held on Thursday evenings 6.30pm arrival and set up for 7-8.30pm class. 


$7.50 per week payable at the beginning of class (EFTPOS only NO CASH).  

You must be a current financial member to participate in this class. If you are not you will need to go into the Memberships area and join the club. You will need a current vaccination certificate to upload to complete your membership.You will not be able to attend the class until you have submitted your membership request, been issued with a membership number (approved) and arranged an assessment with the Chief Instructor. 

To arrange an assessment, please email with your name and an outline of the course or training that you have completed.