The PADS Club Challenge is an event open to all PADS members participating in PADS Agility Competitions.  It is designed to encourage and reward PADS members for their support of our competitions. The PADS Challenge replaces the previous annual ‘PADS Points’. Members participating in PADS agility competitions will have their points calculated from the nominated PADS rounds. The winners of the Challenge will be announced at the Annual PADS Christmas Party.


Below are the rules of the Challenge:

  1. There are two Challenge Events: PADS Club Challenge (open to all level dogs). PADS Beginners Challenge (open to beginner dogs). Only PADS members are eligible for inclusion in the challenge.
  2. PADS Club Challenge is calculated from an Open A event from each of the four PADS competitions (Feb, June, July, Sept). The Open A event is selected ahead of time and marked on the schedule ‘PADS Challenge Round’ so all members can clearly identify the event.
  3. PADS Beginners Challenge is calculated from the two starters events in the two beginners competitions (May and November). These events are also marked on the schedule.
  4. Points are calculated as per Medallion Stakes Rules, except the regular and international dogs points are calculated together for an overall height winner, Toy, Mini, Midi, Maxi.
  5. In the event dogs are tied for points a winner would be determined by Dog with the least number of eliminations is the winner. If still tied, Dog with the least number of faults over the 4 rounds. If still tied dog with the fastest overall time (where times have been recorded) is the winner.
  6. Where there are 5 or more dogs in a height category, prizes will be awarded from 1st to 3rd. Where there are 3 to 4 in a height category, prizes will be awarded 1st and 2nd. Where there are less than 3 dogs in a height category, prizes will be awarded for 1st

Results will be posted on this page through out the year after each competition until the final round with the final results being withheld until the presentations at the Christmas party.