Canine Disc (Frisbee) is gaining popularity in Australia.  PADS is an affiliate of Canine Disc Australia (CDA) – the body which oversees the dog sport in Australia.

Training Information

When: Every Tuesday.

Introduction to Disc is held on the second Tuesday of every month.  You are welcome to come and try.

Time: 6.45 – 8.30 pm

Cost: Annual Club Membership, then $5.00 per training night

Dog’s age: Pups can attend training and even competitions, from 16 weeks of age BUT you have to discipline yourself to only roll the disc for the pup. we don’t want your pup jumping for a disc until it is more developed (growth plates and joints have matured). This is to ensure a longer performance life for your canine athlete!

  • 16 weeks – come to training AND compete with rolling discs (Not For Competition rounds)
  • 12 months – OK to start jumping for discs at training
  • 18 months – your canine athlete can jump for discs in competitions


Discs: CDA approved discs available on training nights

The skill of the sport is for the dog to catch and retrieve the disc over certain distances within a designated time.

Freestyle skill is a new concept being promoted where the handler and dog perform various skills and movements usually to 90 seconds of music.

If your dog shows interest in a disc (frisbee), come and try it.  Instructors provide advice on proper disc throwing techniques and dog management with emphasis on health and safety issues.

Join us and have a fun time with other disc enthusiasts and their dogs.

Please make yourself aware of the PADS vaccination policy prior to attending classes.